Scientific Interests

Our research interests cover a wide range of condensed phase spectroscopy problems including various areas of solid state physics, photophysics and photochemistry of solutions and polymers. They are described below in a more detail.

Luminescent and laser materials, especially modern materials for solid state lasers, like garnets, spinels, gallogermanates, glasses and ceramics doped with transition metals ions and rare earths. These materials have been investigated by standard spectroscopy, fluorescence line narrowing, photopyrroelectric and photoacoustic spectroscopy, high pressure spectroscopy and excited state absorption. The principal objective of the research has been to study the guest/host interactions and their influence on the spectroscopic properties of the luminescent centres. Particular objectives are related to the inhomogeneous broadening and kinetics of the Cr3+ emission in garnets, gahnite glass, gahnite glass ceramics and gallogermanates, and relationships between lattice disorder, electron- lattice coupling, non- radiative transitions and quantum efficiency of chromium doped gallogermanate crystals. Investigation of fast relaxation processes using hot luminescence measurements and picosecond laser pulse excitation

Theory of the radiative and non-radiative processes in localised states in solids, especially modelling the kinetics of radiative and nonradiative processes using quantum mechanical semi -phenomenological approaches. The most important contributions have been made to the theory of radiative processes in systems with strong electron-lattice coupling and theory of internal-conversion non-radiative processes. The developed models have been applied to describe Cr3+ luminescence lineshapes and kinetics and to analyse the quantum efficiency of Ti sapphire, vanadium doped garnets and chromium doped gallogermanates. Also recovery of luminescence decay time distribution using continuous function decay time analysis has been developed for use on solid state systems.

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